Timeline of Science-Fiction for the London SciFi-Filmfest

Alice Yi hat die Gestaltung des Krams zum Londoner SciFi-Filmfest 2011 übernommen und unter anderem eine ziemlich tolle Timeline entworfen, die den Zeitpunkt des Release-Dates mit dem Handlungszeitpunkt verknüpft:

The London Science Fiction Film Festival is a six-day festival where new and old science fiction and fantasy films are shown, reviewed, and discussed.

Based on this year's theme, the focus of this identity is the future and time-travel in science fiction. To cater to the niche-like community of the festival goers, large, elusive advertisements are paired with small, collectible posters and movie tickets. A 9-foot long limited edition poster shows a timeline of sci-fi films that transcend the space-time continuum. It is available for the biggest science fiction film fans to purchase at the festival.

THE LONDON INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASTIC FILM NINE: LIFE IN 2050, hier die Timeline in groß: Bin then, done that (via Notcot)