Deus Ex Gametrailer-Remix Musicvideo-Thing

(Youtube Direktdeus, via Herr Kaschke auf G+)

Mein Buddy Herr Kaschke hat gestern diesen Deus Ex-Gametrailer-Remix Musicvideo-Dingsbums Whatever seiner Truppe 3Typen auf Youtube gepostet. Awesome!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Extended Trailer Version by 3typen. Music & Videoedit by 3typen.

Ur body is a wonderland...A beautiful composition of muscle and bone, somethin u should watch for and treat right. It's somethin u should train and keep clean. To make the best out of it.

Naturally u'll reach ur own limits someday, but u must not accept this. Science can help u to get rid of these limits. Ur body is fine but it is like a unfinished symphony. Be better, increase urself, increase ur power. Be more. We dont follow the old rules, they are outdated. Now we have the outstandin possibility to make a huge step foward. Prepare urself for the next step of human evolution. Perfection...

Resistance is futile
sincerely yours,