Meet Agatha Christie, Surf-Pioneer

Agatha Christie und ihr Gatte waren unter den ersten Engländern, die an den Stränden von Honolulu surften. Ich schaue/höre mir ja sehr oft alte Miss Marpse-Filme zum Einschlafen an, ohne da jetzt die Qualität mindern zu wollen. Aber Madame Christie hätte ich mir nie nie niemals als Surferin vorgestellt.

Hercule Poirot never risked his little grey cells – nor his impeccably waxed moustache – by attempting to hang ten. Nor did Jane Marple ever strap a board to the roof of a Kombi and thunder out of St Mary Mead in search of the perfect tube.

Their enigmatic creator, though, was something of a pioneering and diehard wave-rider. At a time when many of her contemporaries were chugging cocktails in Blighty, Agatha Christie was paddling out from beaches in Cape Town and Honolulu to earn her surfing stripes.

Research by Pete Robinson, founder of the Devon-based Museum of British Surfing, suggests Christie and her first husband, Archie, may been among the first Britons to learn how to surf standing up.

Agatha Christie's surfing secret revealed (via Neatorama)