Robot Filmfestival Winners: Africa Hitech

(Vimeo Direktbots)

Chris hat alle Gewinner des ersten Robot Filmfestivals gepostet, Snip von der Website zum Festival: „The Robot Film Festival was founded by Heather Knight of Marilyn Monrobot to inject a sense of playfulness into traditional science and engineering and explore frontiers before technically feasible. Get ready to investigate humanity, machinery and the larger symbolisms within. Don't forget your party shoes! (or wheels!)“

Oben mein Favorit: Ein Musikvideo von Sixty40 für Africa Hitech: „In a world of recyclability, robots lose out. In an effort to avoid a demeaning and depersonalising recycling process, domestic helper robots choose an end in traffic in order to activate their liberating, and final, "rapture" process. Plus it's a music video for Africa Hitechs new album.“

Auch super: Moonrush: Extended Trailer („an in-production documentary about the first privately funded mission to the moon“), Chorebot („A near futuristic story about the relationship between a dog and a robot“) und 1stAveMachines „Saturn“, aber 1stAve sind sowieso immer super, ihr Video mit Alien-Fauna war eins der ersten Postings hier auf NC, damals noch Quicktime-Quatsch.