Former EMI-Boss: LimeWire Pirates were iTunes’ Best Customers

Ein ehemaliger hochrangiger Manager von EMI-Records hat auf eigene Faust eine Filesharing-Studie erstellt und herausgefunden, was andere Studien schon hundertmal herausgefunden haben: Piraten sind die besten Kunden der Musikindustrie.

During his stint at EMI, Merrill profiled the behavior of LimeWire users and discovered something rather interesting. Those same file-sharing “thieves” were also iTunes’ biggest spenders.

“That’s not theft, that’s try-before-you-buy marketing and we weren’t even paying for it… so it makes sense to sue them,” Merrill said, while undoubtedly rolling his eyes.

That same “try-before-you-buy” discovery was echoed in another study we reported on last week which found that users of pirate sites, including the recently-busted, buy more DVDs, visit the cinema more often and on average spend more at the box office than their ‘honest’ counterparts.

Former Google CIO: LimeWire Pirates Were iTunes’ Best Customers

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