Fantagraphics republishes EC-Comics Library AND Robert Crumbs ZAP-Comix

Für mich als Comicnerd ist das hier mit Abstand die sensationellste Meldung der ComicCon: Fantagraphics wird Robert Crumbs ZAP-Comix, praktisch der Ursprung der Underground-Comix und Geburtsort von Fritz the Cat, und die EC Comics Library veröffentlichen. Wenn man Fantagraphics kennt, weiß man, dass die Dinger in wunderschönen Hardcovern kommen werden. EC Comics waren vor allem bekannt für ihre Horror- und Crime-Storys (unter anderem Tales from the Crypt und Weird Science), die in den 50ern für Aufruhr sorgten, bis mit dem Comic Code eine Zensur eingeführt wurde, was zum Ende der meisten ihrer Serien führte und sich EC Comics auf ihr MAD Magazine konzentrierten. Shit, das wird sehr, sehr teuer.

Zur EC Comics Library von der Verlagswebsite: Fantagraphics Books to Publish the EC Comics Library

Fantagraphics will re-package the EC Comics (with the exception of MAD, which is now owned by DC Comics/Time Warner) in a series of handsome hardcovers devoted to specific artists and writers. While virtually all previous EC collections have been published by comic book title, Fantagraphics will collect the comics by artist, allowing fans to finally own single-volume tomes collecting the work of their favorite creators.

“It pleases me greatly to be in partnership with such an influential company as Fantagraphics,” said Cathy Gaines Mifsud, President of William M. Gaines Agent, Inc. “It’s a pleasure to be working with a company that shares similar values, yet retains unique and distinct creativity. I trust them fully to carry on the iconic EC brand.”

Zu The ZAP Comix: Fantagraphics to Publish The Complete ZAP Comix

The Complete ZAP Comix will be published as a two-volume, slipcased hardcover set, printed slightly larger than the original comics, and shot from the original negatives to the comic books, ensuring the finest reproduction ever seen of the material. It will also include the rarely-seen ZAM, a one-shot mini-comic/jam spinoff of ZAP from 1974, as well as other supplementary features, interviews with the artists, and other surprises.

“ZAP may be the most significant series in the history of American comics,” said Fantagraphics President and Co-Publisher Gary Groth. “Its cultural preeminence is the result of artistic merit, not collectibility or economics and that sets it apart from most comics series that have achieved this level of public awareness or notoriety. The artists that Crumb invited into ZAP each proved to be a stylistic virtuoso with a unique point of view and an uncompromising vision. ZAP was the vanguard of a movement that segued into the alternative comics of the ’80s and the graphic novels of the ’00s. We couldn’t be prouder to collect this landmark series in its entirety in a beautifully packaged two-volume set.”

(via The Beat)