Fake Mass-Exorcism to protest BPs Art-Sponsoring

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(Youtube Direktart)

Ein Performance-Gruppe namens „Reverend Billy and his Earthalujah gospel choir“ haben am Montag in der Tate Modern in London einen Massenexorzismus durchgeführt, um gegen das Kunstsponsoring durch BP zu demonstrieren. Protestkunst mit gefakten religiösen Motiven um die Kunst und die Welt gleich mit zu retten. Gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut. Finally, someone is using religious Bullshit to be actually good.

It's 5.30pm on Monday, and as the crowds in the massive turbine hall at the Tate Modern thin out, a neat young man with slicked back hair quietly disrobes, revealing a white suit. Eight others approach him, donning green costumes. No one bats an eyelid – until the man starts singing a gospel song.

What few people at the Tate know is that is the Reverend Billy and his Earthalujah gospel choir. They are in London to exorcise the "evil spirit" of BP from the Tate, one of the main sponsors of the art gallery. Billy is a part-theatre, part-evangelical Christian, part-US performance artist. He founded the church of Earthallujah following BP's spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year after years of using fundamentalism to parody US consumerism.

He's a cross between Elvis and preacher Billy Graham, and soon the Tate balconies are full, and a crowd of 50 is on its knees around him, spontaneously raising their their hands, holding each other, whooping, singing and amen-ing. Bottles of thick black oil are poured over Billy, he smears himself across a BP logo and whips himself and his congregation into a frenzy of irony.

Guardian: Reverend Billy leads exorcism of BP's 'evil spirit' from Tate Modern – The comic preacher and his Earthalujah gospel choir stage a 'service' in protest over oil giant's sponsorship of art gallery