Peter Fletcher zählt seit dem Juli 2007, wie oft er nießt. Das hält er in einem Blog fest mit Zeit und Ort und er freut sich tierisch, wenn er beim Updaten seines Sneezecount-Blogs niessen muss, weil's eine hübsche Rekursion ergibt. Ich glaube, er nimmt das Projekt ziemlich ernst.

I started counting my sneezes on 12 July 2007. What started out as a little conceptual art joke, a playful satire of the “blogosphere”, and a mock scream against the futility and emptiness of modern life, turned into something more intriguing.

Counting my sneezes, and documenting the time and place of each sneeze, has revealed curious regularities in the way I live my life. For example, it has revealed how much time I spend in the ‘Office/spare bedroom”, in front of a computer. It is interesting to note how much time I spend in this place, and compare it with how little I manage to get done.

When choosing something to count, it is important to realize that some things work better than others. Sneezes work, but other candidates for counting are demonstrably less rewarding. For example “saying the word fish”, or “cleaning my teeth” are countable, but can be produced almost at will, and so lack much of the joy of incremental documentation. (As well as my delight at the times I’ve sneezed while updating Sneezecount either online or the notebook, thereby generating recursive Sneezecount references.)

Sneezecount (via Neatorama)