Situationist Drawing Device

Ji Soo Han und Paul Ornsby haben ein Gerat namens Situationist Drawing Device entwickelt, das die Bewegungen der Person und ihre Interaktion mit der Umwelt aufzeichnet, während man die Welt durch ein altes optisches Trick-Gerät sieht, dass die Tiefenwahrnehmung umkehrt: dem Pseudoskop.

Von Wikipedia: „A pseudoscope is a binocular optical instrument that reverses depth perception. It is used to study human stereoscopic perception. Objects viewed through it appear inside out, for example: a box on a floor, would appear as a box shaped hole in the floor. It typically uses sets of optical prisms, or periscopically arranged mirrors to swap the view of the left eye with that of the right eye. In the 1800s Charles Wheatstone coined the name from the Greek ψευδίς σκοπειν -- "false view". The device was used to explore his theory of stereo vision.“

(Vimeo Direktdrawing, via bldgblog)

As each eye retina receives different images, both conditions blurrs into one and simultaneously alternate - phasing in and out over the other. This blurring affect, as known as retinal rivalry, creates a new perception of the site. Device was initially adapted from Pseudoscope [Greek language - false view] which is a binoucular instrument that reverses depth perception. The idea of reversing left and right eye vision was adapted to reverse forward and backward vision

Expanding from the static point, it was developed for use along a route bisecting the borderline, incorporating a bodily experience as one navigates through the newly perceived space.

Nach dem Klick noch ein paar Bilder seiner Scrap Metal Refinery-Serie, experimentellen Architektur-Illus, aus denen das Situationist Drawing Device entstand.