Hizbollah Disneyland

The Velvet Rocket hat einen schönen Foto-Essay über die Mleeta Resistance Landmark, einem Themenpark der Hizbollah in Libanon, das Ding wurde letztes Jahr anlässlich des 10jährigen Jubiläums des Rückzugs der israelischen Armee aus dem Süd-Libanon gebaut.

Regardless of where your sympathies lie in the various conflicts in the Middle East, the Mleeta Resistance Landmark is an interesting place to visit. Established by Hezbollah and opened in 2010, the Mleeta Resistance Landmark is Hezbollah’s presentation of their conflict with Israel and a celebration of their role in it. The “Tourist Landmark of the Resistance” has been dubbed “Hezbollah’s Disneyland” by the international press. […]

The circular area in the center of the opening picture above is “The Abyss.” This structural art piece is filled with Israeli military vehicles, helmets, boots, bombs and bullets captured from the Israeli army between 1982 and the July War of 2006. The display is intended to graphically represent the political and military morass in which Israel supposedly finds itself in regarding Hezbollah. At the center of the display is an Israeli Merkava-4 tank, with the barrel of its main gun symbolically tied in a knot.

Visiting The Mleeta Resistance Landmark (via Pruned)