NASAs Osmotic Pee-Recycling Bag

07.07.2011 Misc #Nasa #Pee

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Die NASA hat für die Mannschaft des Space Shuttle Atlantis einen osmotischen Urin-Recycling-Beutel entwickelt, der binnen weniger Stunden aus Pipi Trinkwasser herstellt dass, wait for it, nach Aussagen eines japanischen Probanden nach Capri Sonne schmeckt! WHAT!?

A textbook-sized kit that can convert urine into drinkable water will accompany NASA's last space shuttle mission this Friday. (…)

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station already drink water from a pee-recycling machine delivered several years ago, but it saps power from the orbital laboratory's limited supply. The space-ready water conversion kit, however, won't need an external power source because it relies on a passive property of fluids called forward osmosis.

NASA's recycler will use a sugary solution injected into a semi-permeable inner bag, which is nested inside an outer bag. Dirty fluid that's pumped into the outer bag will slowly pass through the inner bag and into the sugary solution, leaving behind its contaminants. On Earth, the double-sack system makes about a liter of sports drink-like fluid in four to six hours. (…)

Levine said astronauts aboard Atlantis won't drink the product yet. So far, only a member of a Japanese TV crew has ever tried it. "We strongly advised him not to, but he did it anyway. He's still alive and walking around," Levine said. "He said it tasted like Capri Sun."

via wired | NASA’s Stillsuit: Atlantis Crew to Test Pee-Recycling Bag

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