Julian Assange and Slovenian Philosopher Slavoj Žižek

(Youtube Direktwikileaks, via MeFi)

Julian Assange und Philosoph Slavoj Žižek – der „Elvis of cultural Theory“ - in einem zweistündigen Gespräch live im The Troxy theater in London, moderiert von Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!). Ich habe die Runde noch nicht gehört/gesehen, dürfte aber hochinteressant sein. Aus der Ankündigung auf Frontline:

Last year, whistleblower website WikiLeaks released three of the biggest ever leaks of classified information in history: the Iraq War Logs, the Afghanistan War Logs and Cablegate.

Since then the world has undoubtedly changed. Ambassadors have resigned amid scandals exposed by leaked cables; the UK government has ordered a review of computer security; and, at the same time, a huge wave of protest has swept the Middle East and North Africa – in part fuelled, some believe, by WikiLeaks revelations.

Discussing the impact of WikiLeaks on the world and what it means for the future, for this very special event WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange will be in conversation with renowned Slovenian philosopher, Slavoj Žižek.

Focusing on the ethics and philosophy behind WikiLeaks' work, the talk will provide a rare opportunity to hear two of the world’s most prominent thinkers discuss some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Žižek kennt vielleicht der ein oder andere durch die ZDF-Dokureihe „Fantastic Voyages: Eine Kosmologie des Musikvideos“, die – wegen Copyright-Bullshits ohne die Musikvideos selbst – auf Youtube online zu sehen ist. Die gibt's nach dem Klick.

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