Guts'n'Cloth floating in the River Thames

Schicke Fotoserie der australischen Fotografin Helen Pynor, die menschliche Innereien in Klamotten abgelichtet hat, welche in der Themse treiben. Die ganze Fotoserie gibt's bei Designboom.

The unlikely starting point for this body of work was research Pynor undertook into incidents of accidental drowning in the Thames, inspired by her first year in London in 2009-2010 which was spent working by the river. Beguiled by the river’s shifting tides and lethal currents, she researched some of the thousands of recorded cases of accidental drowning in the river, from incidents involving hundreds of victims drowned in mass disasters through to those in which a lone victim met their end.

A highlight of the exhibition will be Liquid Ground, a series of sumptuously produced, large-scale photographic images which depict languid, water-buoyed garments with bodily organs drifting out through diaphanous openings. Pynor shakes her audience by adding unexpected references to the individual histories of the organs she depicts, transforming anonymous representations of the body’s interior into those replete with the richness of personal and cultural story.