The Steal: A Cultural History of Shoplifting

30.06.2011 Misc #Books #Crime

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Ein weiteres Buch auf meiner Must-Read-Liste, das grade auf meinem Kindle gelandet ist: „The Steal: A Cultural History of Shoplifting“ von Rachel Shteir. Hier ein Review der New York Times, Snip von Amazon:

Rachel Shteir's The Steal is the first serious study of shoplifting, tracking the fascinating history of this ancient crime. Dismissed by academia and the mainstream media and largely misunderstood, shoplifting has become the territory of moralists, mischievous teenagers, tabloid television, and self-help gurus. […] The Steal begins when shoplifting entered the modern record as urbanization and consumerism made London into Europe's busiest mercantile capital. Crossing the channel to nineteenth-century Paris, Shteir tracks the rise of the department store and the pathologizing of shoplifting as kleptomania. […]

In The Steal, Shteir guides us through a remarkable tour of all things shoplifting-we visit the Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall, where boosters run rampant, watch the surveillance footage from Winona Ryder's famed shopping trip, and learn the history of antitheft technology. A groundbreaking study, The Steal shows us that shoplifting in its many guises-crime, disease, protest-is best understood as a reflection of our society, ourselves.

Amazon-Partnerlink: The Steal: A Cultural History of Shoplifting (via Boing Boing)