Radio Soulwax App

2manyDJs haben gestern ihre App für iPhone/iPad veröffentlicht, das Ding ist eine Art Radio aus ihren Mixen plus Visuals und Animationen. Ich habe mir das Ding grade installiert und sehe bislang lediglich ihren Introversy-Mix (den ich hier schonmal vor zwei Jahren gebloggt hatte (der Zshare-Link auf Nialler9 funktioniert sogar noch) und der Download davon startet auch nicht, das sollte sich aber demnächst ändern und es sind jede Menge weiterer Gimmicks angekündigt. Ich bin gespannt.

Ok, so it's a radio station, but not as you know it. For now, it's a growing collection of 24 one hour-long mixes with visuals that we are sharing with you for free, and hopefully it will become a platform for many more things to come. We call them mixes, but in reality they are more like musical films based on the record sleeves.

Every hour has a different musical and visual theme (always based on the covers), to eventually make for a varied day-long radio schedule that will remain online in a rotated and continuous loop.

Over the next few months we will be adding a new show every week, culminating in a 24-hour musical and visual 'experience'. Sorry, we couldn't think of a better word than experience.

We have no idea how you will experience this, though, whether it will be too intense or too much to take in, or perhaps not enough. All we know is that we love it and had to do it, even though everyone called us crazy.

We spent ages trying to get everything to sound, look and feel right. We hope you appreciate this labour of love as it has taken a ridiculous amount of work.

Hello and welcome to RADIO SOULWAX, hier die Website dazu (Coming Soon) (via Testspiel)