Today in Hacking News

Der Guardian hat einen IRC-Chatlog von LulzSec vom 31. Mai bis 4. Juni: LulzSec IRC leak: the full record, hier der dazugehörende Artikel: Inside LulzSec: Chatroom logs shine a light on the secretive hackers: „Leaked IRC logs identify LulzSec members and show a disorganised group obsessed with its media coverage and suspicious of other hackers“

Gawker hat ein Interview mit „ Topiary“ von LulzSec: World’s Most-Wanted Hacker Says He’s Never Felt Safer: „Worrying is for fools!“

Das Time-Magazine fasst die letzten Wochen voller Lulz in einem netten Artikel zusammen: Hack Attack „The hacker community that once operated in its dark recesses has broken the surface, embracing social networks and exploiting them to expand in all directions, legal and otherwise. 'What we are seeing is beyond a technical improvement,' says Dave Jevans, chairman of the Web-security firm IronKey. 'They have a social element to bring people together [via the network] to create more sophisticated attacks than we've ever seen. That's what makes it accelerate.'“

(via Boing Boing, The Browser)