Waxy sued for Mashup-Album and my E-Mail from Vimeo

Andy Bayo hatte vor einem Jahr einen Chiptunes-Remix von Miles Davis' Album „Kind of Blue“ online gestellt. Er hatte zuvor alle Rechte an den Songs geklärt, nicht aber die am Cover-Artwork. Also hat ihn der Fotograf Jay Maisel wegen seiner Pixelvariante verklagt – auf 150.000$ pro Download. Andy Bayo hat sich nun mit dem Fotografen auf eine Einmalzahlung von 32.000 Dollar geeinigt und einiges zur amerikanischen Fair Use-Klausel zu sagen, einem Recht, das man bei uns so halb-ungefähr auf Satire übertragen könnte.

[update] Interessantes Posting auf Gizmodo: „Photographer and 72-room New York City mansion dweller Jay Maisel successfully chiseled thousands of dollars out of independent (and awesome) Web developer Andy Baio over an iffy copyright infringement claim. It's outrageous and wrong, and Maisel should be ashamed.“ Und was auf der Facebookseite von Jay Maisel los ist, kann man sich denken.

If you're borrowing inspiration from any copyrighted material, even if it seems clear to you that your use is transformational, you're in danger. If your use is commercial and/or potentially objectionable, seek permission (though there's no guarantee it'll be granted) or be prepared to defend yourself in court.

Anyone can file a lawsuit and the costs of defending yourself against a claim are high, regardless of how strong your case is. Combined with vague standards, the result is a chilling effect for every independent artist hoping to build upon or reference copyrighted works.

Und als ich diese Zeilen grade tippte, bekam ich von Vimeo folgende Mail:

Your account has been removed by the Vimeo Staff for violating the Rules of Vimeo.com. Reason: Uploading videos from TV, Movies, or something you ripped from the Web.

We hope you find a video host more suited to your needs. If you believe this was an error, please reply to this email in a civil manner with your reasoning ("I see other people do it" is not a valid reason).

Meine Antwort:

Dear Vimeo, thanks for the headsup.

The Videos I uploaded were (mostly) Mashups and Parodies protected by american Fair Use, but which were geoblocked in my country on that other Video-Plattform due to some Businessmen who are not able to get their things together. So, yeah, I ripped them and uploaded them to your wonderful service.

The Fact that one of the Videos already went through some Copyright-Bull before (Weird Als Gaga-Parody) makes this whole thing a lot funnier.

So, yeah, in the End I guess you were right in removing my account, but it makes us both look stupid and the Artist will be the one, who suffers.

Thanks for that!