Tales of the War Photographer

Spannender und sehr erschütternder Artikel beim Guardian, in dem Kriegsfotografen die Storys hinter ihren Bildern erzählen. Hier die von Alvaro Ybarra Zavala, das Bild wurde im Congo, November 2008, geschossen:

The situation was very tense – people were drunk and aggressive. I was with two other photographers most of the time, but at this moment I went back to the road alone. I saw three soldiers smoking, playing with their guns, and felt safe – I don't know why. Then I saw a man with a knife in his mouth, coming out of the bush – he was holding up a hand like a trophy. The soldiers started laughing and firing in the air. I didn't think about it and began shooting. He walked directly at me. People surrounded us, celebrating. I thought, "Don't do anything crazy, just act like you're part of this crazy party."

When I got to the hotel, I showed the other photographers. They said, "Do you realise you could have been killed?" Only then did it hit me how dangerous it had been. Years after I took this picture, every time I see it I feel scared again.

The shot that nearly killed me: War photographers – a special report: Attacked by a Haitian mob, kidnapped by Gaddafi's troops, shot in Afghanistan… Who'd be a war photographer? (via We make Money not Art)