Genetically engineered Transgender-Goats for human Breastmilk

Die Story kommt von der Daily Mail, ist also wahrscheinlich zu 90% Bullshit, aber die Headline muss ich mir natürlich hier reinkleben.

Genetic engineers are deliberately breeding transgender goats to see if their milk is similar to that produced by humans. The goats being created are effectively a female trapped in a male’s body, complete with the full male anatomy. The company behind them wants to see if their milk contains the same proteins as human breast milk - with a view to one day possibly selling it in stores.

The goats have been christened ‘goys’, a mixture of ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ and 15 have been bred at the research facility in New Zealand.

Scientists genetically engineer female 'Frankenstein' goats in male bodies to create 'human' breast milk (via The Awl)