Osama Bin Laden Magic Balls-Chewing Gum

ViceMag hat ein Interview mit Martin Parr, der nach Bin Ladens Tod die seltsamsten Osama-Memorabilia auf Ebay aufgekauft hat. Am besten sind sicherlich die Magic Balls (Kulfa Balls) aus Pakistan und am strangesten dürfte die Uhr sein mit dem Fake-Bild vom Leichnam Bin Ladens (ohne Foto).

Actually, when it was announced I was on eBay and managed to buy a watch that contained the photo circulated right after his death—the one where his face is all shot up.

Yeah, that photo looked like a junior high student made it with Microsoft Paint, but it was still amazing. Some would argue that it’s a work of art.
The watch was made in India very soon after that photo was released. A day later it had been removed from the site and I haven’t seen it for sale since, but I’ve got one coming to me soon.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on one of these items?
I once paid $500 for three Gaddafi watches because, as far as I could tell, they were the only ones for sale on the internet. It seems like a high price because they are pretty cheaply made, but it’s not like you can pop down to Tesco and pick up one up, is it?

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