Algorithmic Design and the 9/11 Memorial

Jer Thorp, Designer aus New York, erzählt von seiner Arbeit am 9/11 Memorial, einer Datenvisualisierung als Mahnmal für die Opfer des Anschlags, in dem ihre Namen relativ den Orten gezeigt werden, an denen sie umkamen und ihre Beziehungen zu Freunden und Kollegen dargestellt werden.

The project was to design an algorithm for placement of names on the 9/11 memorial in New York City. In architect Michael Arad‘s vision for the memorial, the names were to be laid according to where people were and who they were with when they died – not alphabetical, nor placed in a grid. Inscribed in bronze parapets, almost three thousand names would stream seamlessly around the memorial pools. Underneath this river of names, though, an arrangement would provide a meaningful framework; one which allows the names of family and friends to exist together. Victims would be linked through what Arad terms ‘meaningful adjacencies’ – connections that would reflect friendships, family bonds, and acts of heroism. through these connections, the memorial becomes a permanent embodiment of not only the many individual victims, but also of the relationships that were part of their lives before those tragic events.

All The Names: Algorithmic Design and the 9/11 Memorial (via Waxy)