und seine Filehoster

Interessantes Bit im Zuge der Razzia gegen Gleichzeitig gingen gleich eine ganze Reihe von Filehostern vom Netz, die stellenweise auch von den Leuten betrieben wurden, die auch machten. Und diese Hoster bezahlten wiederum die Uploader. Wenn einer davon nun im Interview meint „Bezahlte Sie für Ihren Dienst? Sand: Nein“, dann weiß man, wie man das zu lesen hat.

while all of the publicity has been focused on the takedown of, either by design or huge coincidence at least four German-hosted storage sites –, Frog Movz, Karamba Vidz and Loombo – all suddenly disappeared after the raid.

TorrentFreak is informed that the admin of Duckload was one of the individuals sought by the police and that their operation – which is believed to be around 500 servers – was completely shutdown. Initially the feeling was that Duckload would return, but it the seriousness of the situation appears to be hitting home and that seems unlikely, at least at this stage.

Several other hosters in a range of locations are also down. They include,, and Whether not they were connected to, or the indeed the raids, remains to be seen. Another cyberlocker – – was definitely connected since it’s now displaying the same shutdown notice as Uploader Speaks Out, Cyberlockers Down, Anon DDoS