3D-printed Bikini

(Vimeo Direktbikini, via Designboom)

Ein Bikini zum Ausdrucken von Continuum Fashion, gibt's auch in exakten, individuellen Passformen. Grandios! Ist zwar mit einer Preisspanne von 200–1500$ zwar nicht billig (noch!), aber hey! Ein 3D-gedruckter Bikini! Viel mehr Infos gibt's auf ihrem Blog. Snip:

The N12 bikini is the world's first ready-to-wear, completely 3D-printed article of clothing. All of the pieces, closures included, are made directly by 3D printing and snap together without any sewing. N12 represents the beginning of what is possible for the near future.

N12 is named for the material it's made out of: Nylon 12. This solid nylon is created by the SLS 3D printing process. Shapeways calls this material "white, strong, and flexible", because its strength allows it to bend without breaking when printed very thin. With a minimum wall thickness of .7 mm, it is possible to make working springs and almost thread-like connections. For a bikini, the nylon is beautifully functional because it is waterproof and remarkably comfortable when wet.

Ausführlichere Gedanken über die gesellschaftlichen Implikationen von 3D-printed Bikinis (indeed!) macht sich Futurismis: Itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny 3D-printed beach bikini: herald of the fashion singularity?

The problem with fast fashion [H&M and such], as already alluded to, is that it depends on highly exploitative labour. This will remain the case until (or, if you’re more of a pessimist, if) fabbing technologies reach a point where they can compete on both unit price and the rapidity of concept-to-product process. At that point, the resistance in the positive feedback loop between consumer and designer becomes almost negligible; everyone becomes a designer/remixer, and the textile factories go out of business almost overnight.