Fanmade Dr.Who-Anime

Youtube-User OtaKing77077 hat einen 13minütigen Anime im Stil der 80er gezeichnet. Das ganze ist narrativ zwar super sinnbefreit, sieht aber ganz hübsch aus, wenn man auf explodierende Daleks steht.

All 13 minutes of the completed fake Doctor Who 80s-style anime. Drawn, animated and partially voiced by myself. Some bits are good, some bits are poor, but on the whole it turned out okay, I think. Enjoy! This is old school Who, so fans of the new reboot show may be confused by the fact that the Doctor is doing martial arts and Cybermen say "excellent." Watch the classics and you'll understand. You'll also become almost instantly more handsome by watching classic Who.

PS - for those complaining about total lack of story or narrative in this clip, I did always state from the start that it was only going to be an extended trailer with no plot. Think of it as highlights from a 24 epsiode series if there was one.