Russian President vs eG8s Internet-Declaration

Die eG8-Konferenz in Frankreich schloß gestern mit der zu erwartenden Erklärung, dass man mehr für den Schutz des geisten Eigentums tun müsse. Nicht wirklich überraschend ist die Haltung Russlands zu dieser Erklärung. Aber erstaunlich, dass sie Präsident Dmitri Medwedew nach der Konferenz so sehr deutlich formuliert hat.

Clearly at odds with such sentiments, Russian president Dmitry Medvedev expressed his dissenting opinion shortly after. "The declaration reflects an absolutely conservative position that intellectual property rights should be protected according to the existing conventions," said Medvedev. "No one questions that, but I have repeatedly stated that, unfortunately, those conventions were written 50 or almost 100 years ago, and they are unable to regulate the whole complex of relations between the copyright owner and users."

Characteristically unafraid to ruffle his fellow leaders' feathers, Medvedev continued "Unfortunately, this was not included in the declaration because, in my opinion, my colleagues have a more conservative opinion than is necessary at the moment. Or maybe they just don't use the Internet and have little understanding of it." [Hervorhebung von mir]

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