Here come the Networkers: First Bloggers, 1985

Modern Mechanix hat einen alten Artikel aus dem Time Magazine vom November 1985 ausgegraben mit einem Bericht über die ersten Online-Journalisten in den 80ern, einer davon war mal eine Avon Tante. Oh my.

For the past two years the former vice president of Avon Products, who always dreamed of being a news correspondent, has been acting out his journalistic fantasies by covering events, writing stories and transmitting them by modem to the mainframe computer of the Source, an electronic information service. That enables any of the Source’s 60,000 subscribers to call up Greenly’s stories on the screens of their computers and, if they wish, to respond with comments of their own.

Greenly calls himself “planet earth’s first interactive electronic journalist,” and is probably the most widely read writer on the Source. But he is only one of the many unforgettable characters turning up on computer screens these days. Just as radio and television spawned new personalities and stars, the rapidly growing computer networks, from humble electronic bulletin boards to giant information supermarkets, are breeding their own celebrities.

Here Come the Networkers – A new communications medium gives birth to its own stars