(Youtube Direktcity, via Notcot)

Schöne Idee von Akko Goldenbeld, der ein Model der Stadt Eindhoven auf einem Zylinder gebaut hat, der wiederum mit kleinen Hämmern auf ein Piano haut. Etwas verkopft vielleicht und das Ergebnis ist praktisch unhörbar, aber sehr interessantes Konzept.

The tall buildings in the city centre have a heavy touch; the low-rise villas to the South create considerably gentler sounds. Akko Goldenbeld has a very personal way of looking at, or rather listening to the city.

He has created a scale model of Eindhoven and assigned it the role of sound recorder; the buildings create a score. Placed on a revolving wooden cylinder the buildings set little hammers in motion that play the keys of a piano. And turning and turning, the city makes its voice heard: from loud to soft, long to short, high-pitched to low, traslating the urban developers'three dimensional reality into an aural experience. Stadsmuziek (City Music) makes you tune in to the ensemble-playing that is environemental planning.