A randomized, circular Website, plz!

30.05.2011 Fun Misc #Webdesign

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Ein besonders verwirrter Client from Hell:

CLIENT: “I don’t really like that the website has a top and bottom.”
ME: “Everything has a top and bottom. That’s how it goes.”
CLIENT: “Not true. Circles don’t.”
ME: “So you want a circular website?”
CLIENT: “Yup! Like a conveyer belt, or ooh! a rolodex. Every time you scroll up past the top, you get to the bottom. Every time you scroll down past the bottom, you get to the top.”
ME: “Then how will we designate the—”
CLIENT: “What’s the top and bottom? Good point. If everything is continuous, then there can’t be a top or bottom.”
ME: “I can’t believe I’m having this conversation.”
CLIENT: “So, what we need is a randomizer!”