Motiondesign: Polynoids „Loom“ and Edgar Daveys „Singularity“

(Vimeo Direktspider)

(Vimeo Direktsingularity, via Feingut)

Ilija von Polynoid hatte mit gestern ihren neuen CGI-Kurzfilm „Loom“ geschickt: „Loom is the newest brainchild in our short film family, and the most ambitious project we tackled so far. One year in the making, we took the time to push this 5 1/2 minute baby as much as possible in both storytelling and technique. We learned a lot of things, including the fact that having non-humanoid creatures on a 3 dimensional stage can be a bitch if you try to resolve a scene.“

Und passend dazu ist vor ein paar Tagen Edgar Daveys „Singularity“ im Feedreader aufgepoppt.