The Musalman: Last handwritten Newspaper in the World

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Superinteressanter Clip über die indische Zeitung The Musalman, die letzte handgeschriebene Tageszeitung der Welt. Urdu, die Sprache, in der The Musalman erscheint, „entstand als Bildungssprache zur Zeit des Sultanats von Delhi und des Mogulreichs auf dem südasiatischen Subkontinent (Pakistan, Indien) als perso-arabischer Schriftstil der Standardsprache des Hindi-Urdu-Dialektkontinuums“ (Wikipedia).

Aus einem Artikel vom Business Standard:

Why Urdu? The decision was taken by Arifullah’s grandfather Syed Azmathullah when he founded the paper in 1927. “There was no voice of Muslims in the south,” Arifullah explains, at that time. Indeed, in 1927 the paper was inaugurated by Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, president of that year’s Congress session. Much later, Indira Gandhi as PM is said to have remarked during a press conference that The Musalman with its Hindu reporter and The Hindu with its Muslim reporter together provided a picture of secularism in India. The Musalman’s chief reporter is still Hindu.

Making The Musalman is simple but laborious. It is a broadsheet folded to make four pages. […] “We are not able to afford” full-time Urdu reporters, the editor says, so the material often comes in English. Three translators turn it into Urdu. The katibs then write the copy out on paper with quills and ink, three hours per page, and paste all the items on a form. If a mistake is made or a news update arrives, the page is rewritten. The form is turned into a negative, which is used to make the plate for printing.

Handmade newspaper - Chennai’s The Musalman is the last handwritten Urdu paper, hier ein altes Posting auf Wired über The Musalman