Robert Overweg, Videogame-Glitch-Photographer

Robert Overweg ist ein „photographer in the virtual world“ und dort knipst er vor allem Fehler, Bugs und Glitches. Ganz oben „Apartment one“ aus Mafia 2 aus Flying and Floating, darunter „Junkyard“ aus GTA4 aus Glitches, links ein Shot aus seiner The End of the Virtual World-Serie. Hier sein Fotoblog mit allen Projekten, hier seine Website mit weiteren Arbeiten.

Robert Overweg is a photographer in the virtual world. He sees the worlds of (first and third person shooter) games as the new public space of contemporary society and as a direct extension of the physical world.

Overweg dwells either by foot or by air through the outskirts of the virtual world which he dissects through his photography. He makes use of the new possibilities which the virtual world gives him for his photography but he also documents the limitations of the virtual world.