The History of the Brains Asshole and other Neurovulgar Linguistics

Slate hat einen superamüsanten Artikel über die Herkunft der Namen vieler Bereiche des Hirns, die sehr, sehr oft ihre Wurzeln in Bezeichnungen für Arschlöcher, Penisse, Vaginas und die Einzelteile derselben haben. You're brain is an asshole and that's the truth!

Régis Olry, of the University of Quebec, and Duane Haines, of the University of Mississippi, […] "historians of neuroanatomy" (yes, there is such a profession, and we should be grateful for it) reviewed a very old, circuitous medical literature and found that the human brain was once described as comprising its very own vulva, penis, testicles, buttocks, and even an anus. In fact, part of the cerebrum is still named in honor of long-forgotten whores. […]

When the mid-16th century Italian anatomist, Matthaeo Realdo Colombo, peered into the small recess adjoining the anterior commissure and the dividing line of the fornix's two columns, report Olry and Haines, he saw what looked like a lubricated vulva—and called it the vulva cerebri. Perhaps that's not too surprising, given that Colombo is also widely credited as being the anatomist who first "discovered" the clitoris (the real one, down there).

The authors point out there's a bit of a mystery about precisely which hole Colombo was poking with his Italian probe. It might, in fact, have been the more posterior opening identified by the 17th-century Dutch anatomist Isbrand van Diemerbroeck, who found, in Colombo's groove, "the hole of the anus." Your brain's anus, incidentally, is what we'd now call the common posterior opening of the midbrain's aqueduct, which spills into the third ventricle. There are so many defecation-related puns about intelligence to be made here that my mind is cramping up, so, shit, I'll just leave that part up to you assholes.

How the Brain Got Its Buttocks – Sixteenth-century anatomists couldn't keep their minds out of the gutter (via Mindhacks)