Quantum Marriage

Künstler und „Experimentalphilosoph“ Jonathon Keats wird ab heute im New Yorker Art Currents Institute Quantum-Hochzeitszeremonien durchführen, indem er verschränkte Lichtwellen durch eine Serie von Prismen schickt, bricht und die unverschränkten Wellen auf die zukünftigen Quanten-Ehepaare treffen. So habe ich das zumindest verstanden. Keats will übrigens nicht nur Menschen miteinander quantenverheiraten, sondern kann sich auch eine Quanten-Ehe zwischen Gegenständen und Menschen vorstellen, weil „many people already have a more intimate relationship with their iPhones than with their spouses“. Na denn.

Von Discovery News: Let Quantum Physics Officiate Your Wedding.

For the ultimate in a nondenominational wedding ceremony, consider a quantum entanglement. The ceremony, developed by conceptual artist, Jonathon Keats, is borrowed from quantum physics, where when two or more subatomic particles become entangled, they behave as one.

Keats has designed an entangling apparatus, which, when situated in a sunny window and exposed to the full spectrum of solar radiation divides pairs of entangled photons and translates them to the bodies of a nearby couple.

Wired hat dazu ebenfalls eine Story und eine kleine Gallerie mit Bildern des Quantenhochzeitapparats:

A couple walks down a long hallway from darkness into sunlight. At hallway’s end, said couple finds two sets of footprints, on which they stand facing one another.

“Depending on their preference, they may be dressed in full formalwear or stark naked,” said Keats, who has previously created controversial concept art like god porn, depression-proof antimatter currency and a photosynthetic restaurant for plants.

The couple then looks up into a window flush with sunlight, in which is suspended a precisely calibrated entanglement apparatus employing Keats’ system of adjustable prisms. As the sunlight passes through a nonlinear crystal made of beta-barium borate (viewable in the gallery above), it is divided so that half the light shines on each person’s face. They stand for about a minute as entangled photons bombard their skin with the photoelectric effect.

Next stop: honeymoon.

Can’t Hack Marriage? Try Quantum Entanglement Instead