The Final Edition: Mediamock-Website with Terry Jones, Mike Myers and Donkey Kong

11.05.2011 Fun Misc #Media

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Tolle neue Website von Tony Hendra (Erfinder des National Lampoon-Magazines und Ian Faith, Band-Manager von Spinal Tap): The Final Edition verarscht in seiner ersten Online-Ausgabe die New York Times und hat sich gleich zum Start Terry Jones von Monty Python an Bord geholt und Mike Myers wird dort ein Blog führen. Das Ding ist umgehend in meinem Feedreader gelandet. Mehr Infos bei Wired: Breaking: New Media-Parody Site Hits Internet. Weitere Highlights:

CBS Taps Berlusconi for Two and a Half Men: „While Berlusconi has no previous acting experience, the role of a fun-loving billionaire with a loose moral code is not far from the persona he has carved out for himself in his years of public life, during which Berlusconi has interrupted a tour of an earthquake site to ask a female counsellor if he could fondle her, made light of the Holocaust at a diplomatic meeting with German officials, and, most memorably, hired 20 young Moroccan belly dancers for a private party at which they were to perform an erotic ritual known as 'bunga bunga'.“

Pope Reopens Trial of Galileo, Spider-Man Said to be Leaving Spider-Man, Donkey Kong Country Returns: A New York Times Game Review, Westboro Baptist Church Preparing Plan to Protest Own Pastor’s Funeral.