Chinas Kung Fu-Stewardesses

(Youtube Direktkungfu, via OneInchPunch)

Hong Kong Airlines trainiert seine Flugbegleiter in Wing Chun („chin. 詠春 / 咏春, yǒng chūn, kant. wing chun 'Ode an den Frühling', bisweilen auch als schöner Frühling übersetzt“, Wikipedia), einer Variante des Kung Fu. Hier ein Video der Damen beim Training, hier ihre Basis-Moves:

1 A flight attendant could use the chi sau ("sticky hands") technique to prevent a passenger from hitting him. "The idea," Phillips explains, "is to block and control a person's arms by linking your arms with theirs."

2 Next, split the assailant's arms. Here, the flight attendant raises his left arm, and makes contact with his opponent's chest, while holding back the arm with his right hand.

3 The flight attendant now traps the assailant's arms, leaving his right arm free to land a restraining punch. Though, as Phillips points out, "It wouldn't be a very good idea for a cabin crew member to hit a passenger."

Martial arts for mid-air combat – Hong Kong Airlines is training its cabin crew to use wing chun on unruly passengers