The Silver Scorpion: Disabled Superhero-Comic by disabled Kids

Im Sommer 2010 haben sich behinderte Jugendliche aus den USA mit behinderten Jugendlichen aus Syrien getroffen und in einem Workshop einen Superhelden erfunden. Der verliert durch eine Landmine seine Beine und wird daraufhin zum Silver Scorpion, der Metal beherrscht und im ersten Heft gleich mal einen Riesenroboter bastelt, der Bösewichte verkloppt. Tolles Projekt! Die erste Ausgabe gibt's komplett für lau auf Scribd.

In August 2010, Liquid Comics joined the Open Hands Initiative to take a group of American youths with disabilities to Damascus, where they met with a group of young Syrian counterparts at the first-ever international "Youth Ability Summit". In workshops led by Liquid Comics and disability experts from the Victor Pineda Foundation, the children were asked to work together to create an original superhero that reflected their cross-cultural values and ideals as well as the challenges of living with a disability. By the end of the summit, the wheelchair-bound character of the Silver Scorpion was born.

The Silver Scorpion tells the story of an Arabic teenager, Bashir Bari, who loses his legs in a tragic accident. Consumed with anger and grief, Bashir retreats into a world of isolation, resentful of the pitiful looks and whispers of strangers. When he accidentally witnesses the murder of Tarek, a mysterious local metalsmith, Bashir is unwittingly chosen as the new guardian of an ancient power that has remained hidden for centuries. With new abilities allowing him to manipulate the metal around him, Bashir must rise above his personal grief and use this newfound gift to protect the world, while learning firsthand to embrace the values of tolerance and cooperation to achieve great heights. Liquid Comics worked with leading comic book talents Ron Marz and Mukesh Singh to help take the ideas of the youth participants and turn them into an exciting comic book story.

US and Syrian Youths Created Disabled Superhero, "The Silver Scorpion" (via Marco)