Killing Bin Laden – The Video Game

Das ging schnell: Die neuste Episode des Shooters KumaWar ist die Mission der Navy SEALs, die zur Tötung Bin Ladens führte.

Less than a week after America's elite Navy SEALs assassinated Osama Bin Laden, gamers will be able to virtually experience the raid and pull the trigger to kill the al Qaeda leader. KumaWar Episode 107: Osama 2011 is the final mission of the long-running online video game franchise, which launched in 2004.

The new game mission, which launches on May 7, was developed by New York-based game studio Kuma Games, which makes online games for the History Channel, Animal Planet and Biography Channel. Over 20 million gamers have logged onto one of Kuma's 150 online game episodes over the years.

The free-to-play KumaWar franchise has been accurately recreating key battles and missions in the War on Terror for the past eight years, working with current and former military personnel to bring the interactive action to life.

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