Femen: Kievs Topless Protestors

07.05.2011 Misc #Protest #Sexy

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Sehr interessanter Artikel aus spOnline International über Femen, die nackten Bürgerrechtsaktivisten aus der Ukraine: „Facebook used to block their pages and Ukraine's secret service has threatened them with violence: With a mix of political protest and eye-catching eroticism, the women's rights group Femen has inspired fear in Ukrainian authorities with its fight against prostitution and sex tourism.“

Inna Shevchenko, 20, a student from Kiev, is a "Topless Fighter," as activists with the women's rights group Femen call themselves. For two years, the organization has been fighting against sex tourism and prostitution in Ukraine, a country that even Google automatically associates with "dating agencies" and "women." The advertisements to the right of a Google search for "Ukraine" are for "Single Ukrainian Ladies," "Women From Ukraine," or "Partner Search Ukraine." Although the group has only a few dozen activists like Inna and around 300 supporters, the topless protests have established a global reputation for Femen. […]

Old school feminists find the topless troops strange. "They dress like prostitutes," criticizes gender researcher Maria Dmitrieva wrote of Femen in a Russian magazine. "The display of bare breasts, with or without cause, is certainly not conducive to social discourse."

"Yes," sighs Anna Hutsol im Café Cupidon. "We're different from classic feminists. In order to gain a voice, they had to become like men. But we want a real women's revolution. Our naked protests are part of the fight for women's liberation. We have the right to use our bodies as weapons. It was men who made breasts into a secret."

Kiev's Topless Protestors – 'The Entire Ukraine Is a Brothel' (via MeFi)