3D-printed MicroSD-Atari810 Diskdrive

Schicke Miniaturausgabe eines Diskdrives für den Atari810, das Gehäuse ist 3D-gedruckt und es frisst MicroSD-Karten.

The original 810 managed 90k per disk and had a volume of about 30,000 cm3. Assuming a 8Gig card the new version can store about 90,000 disks and at 5 cm3 only takes up 0.000167 times as much space. So it is a lot bigger and a lot smaller. Progress eh? […]

The microcontroller code emulates up to 8 Atari drives. At power on it checks for a microSD card, mounts a Fat16 or Fat32 file system and scans the card for .ATR and .XFD disk image files commonly used with Atari emulators. It also looks for XEX files which are Atari executables, another emulator mainstay. The code then "inserts" the BOOT.RUR image into drive 1 and waits for the Atari to start sending commands during bootup.

A Little Atari 810 Disk Drive (via Boing Boing)