Encyclopedia Dramatica on Archive.org

Encyclopedia Dramatica war ein umfassendes Wiki für Underground-Netzkultur, das Mitte April vom Netz genommen wurde und jetzt zur Soft-Shit-Version ohinternet.com weiterleitet. Auf Archive.org gibt es nun einen Mirror der kompletten Website (Stand Januar 2010, knapp 12GB) zum Download (Warning: Gore and Porn-Galore!)

Founded in 2004, Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED) was a free-form Wiki dedicated to collecting all manner of internet subculture, including illustrations, descriptions and histories, especially as related to trolling, troll activities, and internet drama. Unlike many mainstream wikis such as Wikipedia, ED was intentionally indecent, obtuse, and inaccurate - the actual information related to a situation would come with further research, not by simply reading the related ED article. Constantly on the edge of collapse in later years, ED eventually went under in April of 2011 and moved to "Oh Internet", a more mainstream and sanitized version of the site, to great protest.

This archive is a capture of the images and writings of Encyclopedia Dramatica in the middle of January, 2010, 14 months before it purged its content completely. The two main files are a .rar archive of the entire site weighing in at roughly 12 gigabytes, and a .txt.gz index of the contents of the .rar archive.

While the mission and writing of ED might be considered offensive and inaccurate, the contents of the site capture in great detail the memes, lore and examples of years of trolling culture and activity, representing a large back catalog of the dark underside of the internet.

Encyclopedia Dramatica January 2010 Mirror (January 13, 2010)