Richard Congers Pinball-Collection

Schönes Posting (mit leider viel zu wenig Bildern) auf Wireds Raw File über Richard Congers Flipper-Sammlung.

When self-described "Pinball Amasser" Richard Conger stumbled onto what he believed to be the world's first pinball machine, it was sitting in a farmhouse basement. The owner refused to sell him the game by itself, so Conger bought the entire farm.

That was 40 years ago. Today, at age 72, Conger has a truly impressive collection. He owns more than 500 different pinball games, 700 machines if you count duplicates (he sometimes has three of the same game). About 200 are in working order, and he intends to fix the rest. […]

He still owns the farm he bought for just that one machine, but Conger lives on a separate eight-acre spread in Northern California that accommodates his collection — a sleepy property he dubbed the Silver Ball Ranch.

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