The Mark of Cain: CC-licensed Doc about Russian Crime Tattoos

„The Mark of Cain“ ist eine 2000er-Doku aus Russland von Alix Lambert über die Geheimsprache der Tattoos von Häftlingen. Die Doku steht seit Ende letzten Jahres unter Creative Commons-Lizenz und ist komplett online bei Youtube anschaubar. Vom Posting auf Brainpickings:

Lambert traveled on a shoestring budget to document the complex social hierarchy of Russia’s prison system, where inmates use highly symbolic tattoo art as a mark of rank. Since its earliest documented cases in the 1920s, this practice has remained largely a taboo and is actually illegal in Russian prisons, yet some estimates suggest that in the last generation alone, more than 30 million of Russia’s inmates have been inked. The unique visual language of the tattoos encrypts everything you need to know about an inmate without ever asking, from the number of convictions an inmate has to his rank in the crime world.

The Mark of Cain explores this fascinating subculture and its duality — its role in prison survival on the one hand and, on the other, the permanent mark it leaves on inmates as they try to reintegrate into society — though a layered look at everything from the actual creation of tattoo ink to the devastating conditions of the prisons to the intimate first-hand stories of prisoners revealed in hard-earned interviews.

Mark of Cain: The Language of Russian Criminal Tattoos

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