Berlin Tempelhof will get Miniature-Mountain

Vor zwei Jahren gab es einen Architekturwettbewerb zum Umbau des stillgelegten Flughafen Tempelhofs, einer der spannendsten und absurdesten Beiträge darin war Jakob Tigges' „The Berg“, der vorschlug, mitten in Berlin einen 1000m hohen Berg aufzuwerfen. Und dieser Berg wird nun in einer Miniatur-Ausgabe tatsächlich kommen, Baubeginn ab 2013, Fertigstellung des Bergs ist für 2017 geplant. No shit: There will be a mountain in Berlin.

At 1,071 meters (3,513 feet) in height, "Der Berg," complete with climbers and mountain goats, would have dwarfed the world's most famous simulated mountain, Disneyland's Matterhorn roller coaster, as well as the city's landscape.

Ultimately, Tigges' computer-generated magic mountain remained precisely that. However, in a surprise twist in the architectural competition to determine the future of the park, the results of which were announced last week, an artificial mountain for climbers has been proposed as part of the award-winning design for the park. The city has given the thumbs-up to a design by Dutch architect Eelco Hooftman for a mountain in the park to be used by Alpine climbing enthusiasts. At 60 meters (around 197 feet), it may not be a Matterhorn, but it still has the potential to beat any of the capital city's existing puny climbing walls.

Scaling Tempelhof – Berlin to Get Mountain, But No Matterhorn (via Coudal)