Panorama-Video from Libya: My Freedom or Death

(Vimeo Direktcondition, via cpluv)

Kriegsberichterstatter Dennis Danfung hat ein „360° interactive video system“ erfunden, Patrick Chauvel hat in Libyen ein erstes Video gedreht, das gleichzeitig die Technologie vorstellt. „Not under this fucking dictator.“

Von Condition ONE:

Condition ONE is a mobile media technology company developing the tools and platform for leading filmmakers, photojournalists and visual storytellers to create powerful immersive experiences for next generation devices to engage a global audience.

The Libyan desert near Ras Lanouf. March, 2011.

Demonstrations have given way to a bloody conflict. Battle lines sway back and forth as the Benghazi-centered ragtag rebels combat Tripoli's mercenaries and loyalists. Pro-Gaddafi forces mount their first coordinated offensive, exposing the rebels as woefully untrained and unorganized. Defiance turns to anguish when casualties mount. Slivers of hope rest on defecting army generals and foreign intervention.

Photojournalist Patrick Chauvel brings us this immersive video from the rebels' front lines. "It's a very sad story," he says. "These guys are students, they're hairdressers, they're bakers, bankers, philosophers, teachers. They are no military."