Kogas Email – Minicomic from Japan

Joe McCunney, Comiczeichner und Animator in Japan, hat die Mail seines Kollegen Koga nach dem Beben, dem Tsunami und dem GAU in Fukushima in einem Minicomic umgesetzt.

This is a real email that was sent from our dear friend and the real-life basis for the Joe is Japanese character, Koga Sato. His email was such a relief to read, as we had not heard from anyone yet after the earthquake. It was inspiring and goofy. So much so, that we felt compelled to illustrate it and pass it on to the world (with Koga’s permission). This email made everyone at the animation studio feel a sense of duty to donate time to make this mini comic.

Koga’s Email Comic Gives Firsthand Account of Japan’s Deadly Earthquake, hier die Website zum Comic