2500 Year old Brain

Das da oben ist kein gut durchgebratenes Omelette mit Blattspinat, sondern ein 2500 Jahre altes Gehirn, das man bei Ausgrabungen in England im Schädel eines Mannes gefunden hat. Yummy!

A 2,500-year-old human skull uncovered in England was less of a surprise than what was in it: the brain. The discovery of the yellowish, crinkly, shrunken brain prompted questions about how such a fragile organ could have survived so long and how frequently this strange type of preservation occurs.

Except for the brain, all of the skull's soft tissue was gone when the skull was pulled from a muddy Iron Age pit where the University of York was planning to expand its Heslington East campus.

2,500-Year-Old Preserved Human Brain Discovered (via History Blog)