Inside Gaddafis Mansion in London

Dass libysche Aktivisten die Londoner Villa von Gaddafis Sohn besetzten, habt Ihr vielleicht mitbekommen. Die wurden jetzt von Laurie Penny interviewt und sie hat sich die Bude dabei gleich mal angesehen.

"My family had to leave Libya just to survive," says a young, bearded man in spectacles, perching awkwardly on a white leather sofa. We are in the front room of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi's mansion in Hampstead Garden Suburb, recently expropriated by activists in alliance with Libyan exiles. An hour earlier, I had passed through an open window near some ugly, imported ferns belonging to Muammar Gaddafi's son and heir, having been invited to meet the members of the Free Libyan Embassy.

We drink stewed tea from Saif's best china and eat cheese sandwiches using his silver cutlery, while the young man, Abdulla, tells me about how his uncle was "disappeared" by Saif's father. "In Libya, people disappear all the time. There was a prison massacre where 1,200 people died. They poured cement over the bodies." Abdulla nervously adjusts his glasses. "It's important that people know we're not creating a civil war for no reason.

Inside the Saif house – The UK home of Colonel Gaddafi’s son is in the hands of Libyan exiles. This is what it's like from within (via BoingBoing)