Suckadelics Toy Lords of Chinatown Episode 2

(Vimeo Direktsuck)

Die erste Episode von Suckadelics DIY-Toy-Saga hatte ich damals hier gepostet. Suckadelic, worlds best Toy-Remixers, you gotta love 'em.

The Original Villains are back and worse than ever. Can the Sucklord hold his place as the Chinatown bootleg king? Or will his disillusioned minion Vectar knock him off his game? The plot thickens and the world expands in the Second installment of this already-classic New York no-budget Sci-Fi series. Product placement abounds as the new SUCKADELIC toy drops are revealed and old classics revisited. Look out for cameos by the hottest designer toy A-Listers and well as a few local bums. Action, Adventure, Comedy, Villainy! It's all here in this jam-packed monster of an episode. ****Consume while high!*****

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