DrunkenNES: The Breathalyser Video Game

Ein Videogame für's NES, gesteuert mit einem Alkotester. Das Game selbst ist eher doof, die Idee aber grandios. Einmal pusten bitte:

I came across an alcohol sensor and thought it would be fun to play with. I hooked it up to a scope and showed it to a couple of friends I had over. A couple of hours later we had a ROM with the sound pitching up as it detected more alcohol - which we really couldn't stop laughing about.
I got to leverage all the previous work in the NES communications driver I had written for the Arduino (using an RBBB in an enclosure). We forced a friend to drink for science - we all did a lot of drinking for science. The thing is actually pretty accurate provided you didn't have a drink in the past 3 minutes - it was fun having excel open "collecting data".

DrunkenNES (via Laughing Squid)