Ducks are running down the Street with a stringtheoretic Robocat while playing „Killing in the Name of“ in a Quadruplet of WTF

Eine Cyborg-Katze mit Mecha-Sounds, ein Stringtheory-Song, eine Bande Kids, die RATMs „Killing in the Name of“ singen und ein Haufen Gänse und Enten, die die Straße entlangrennen und gleich eine ganze Handvoll Bonustracks inklusive alten Männern mit Lichtschwertern, 90s-Internet und einem Steampunk Tornado-Generator, alles nach dem Klick.

A bunch of geese running down the street via Reddit, George Mason University Green Machine plays Rage via Martin, Robocat via Marco, Song A Day #781: String Theory via Boing Boing.


Steampunk Tornado-Generator von Andrew Smith: „Tornado 3.0 is a seven foot tall "Steampunk" style tornado vortex generator. The vortex can clearly be seen as through the large oval window built into the door. Opening the latch releases the door allowing the viewer to see the tornado with better clarity and even reach into the chamber to disrupt the airflow causing the vortex to "rope out" or disappear. Leaving the airflow alone allows the vortex to re-appear. A large lever on the side of the chamber allows you to control how much airflow actually is exhausted or re-circulated into the chamber, affecting the strength and even the shape of the vortex.“

Old Men Lightsaber Duel (Return Of The Geriatric)

(Youtube Direktlightsaber, via Interweb3000)

"What Is Internet, Anyway?"

(Youtube Direktinternet, via Geekosystem)

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